Reportage is my style: it means very little use of flashlight and high care not to interfere in the progress of events;
it means using natural light without turning the scenes into a movie set;
most of all it means capturing spontaneous looks, smiles, details,
without taking the bride and groom away for hours of forced and boring posing sessions.

Watch the progress of an entire wedding day at this link on YouTube ‘cause 4 good shots can happen to anyone…

I’m a member of the Italian wedding photographers association –Associazione Nazionale Fotografi di Matrimonio-
since its foundation. It guarantees photographers’ quality and their propriety towards customers.

Even though I can produce photo-books, my albums are mainly traditional,
with real pictures, many pictures (often over 200) printed on special paper supports
and stuck by hand on pages one by one: the memory of your most beautiful day will become unique and precious.

I wish to dedicate you all the time you need, please fix an appointment
and I’ll meet you at my studio or wherever you wish, to show you my print performances,
otherwise impossible to judge from a screen.