Valeria e Luca

Expect your Italian wedding story to be romantic, exciting, personal, emotional, beautiful, charming, creative whit a great amount of fun.

I think your italian wedding photographer  should be nothing less.

Storytelling with pictures needs preparation and intuition: photographer must to be at the right place at the right time with the right tools ready to capture the rights moments as they unfold naturally. As Italian wedding photographer my story includes the details you’ve chosen which defines your combined personalities, as you can see in this wedding, Valeria  e Luca. Most importantly, pictures describe  the bonds between your families and you  (and close friends, too) as they celebrate along with you.

I have a lot of fun at weddings and I hope that’s obvious in my images. My job is to connect you with your wedding photography and remember all of the fun you had on such a great day.

In this page, you can apprecciate some pictures and a slideshow, but only seeing the album you will discover about 200 shoots…

I look forward to meeting you.


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